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2. 本卷总分120分,考试时间120分钟。

第I卷(三部分,共 85 分)



21. She dreams of becoming ____pianist, so she makes ____most of her time to play the piano.

A. a; the B. the; / C. a; / D. /; the

22. The Minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, _____that he had enjoyed his stay here.

A. having added B. to add C. adding D. added

23. Many factors _______the development of this new type of English.

A. are contributed B. are contributed to C. contributed D. contribute to

24. She ________ his number in the phone book to make sure that she had got it right.

A. looked up B. looked for C .picked out D. picked up

25. ----Which sport is most popular in America?

---- It's hard to say. It largely _____ what you mean by “popular”.

A. comes about B. determines upon C. depends on D. belongs to

26. I’d like to do something for you ______ everything you’ve done for me.

A. in exchange B. in turn C. in return for D. in terms of

27. After he graduated from college, he _______ his father’s business.

A. took in B. took up C. took over D. took on

28. ---- I’d like to go to the cinema with you, Dad.

---- Sorry, my darling, but the film is _______ for adults only.

A. promised B. intended C. permitted D. admitted

29. He spoke very slowly, but he still didn’t get his meaning _______.

A. across B. cross C. through D. though

30. It is difficult for any of us to eat better, exercise more, and sleep enough, _____ we know we should.

A. because B. even if C. as if D. unless

31. Can you tell me _______ last night?

A. what was the matter outside B. what was matter outside

C. what the matter is outside D. what is wrong outside

32. The other day, my brother drove his car down the street at _________ I thought was a dangerous speed.

A. as B. which C. what D. that

33. ---What a nice fire you have in your fireplace!

--- During the winter I like my house_______.

A. warmly and comfortably B. warm and comfortable

C. warm and comfortably D. warmly and comfortable

34. Mr. White, along with his assistants, ______ on the project day and night to meet the deadline.

A. work B. working C. is working D. are working

35. Twenty-six journalists from 19 media organizations from different countries and regions are the first ones to _______ the unrest in the regional capital Lhasa on the spot.

A. record B. cover C. review D. comment



There is no other city in the world that has such a strong connection with the Olympic Games. Athens, the city of the first modern Olympics in 1896, 焦点) again on March 30 Beijing Organizing Committee. The Olympic flame was on March 24 in Olympia, a place in southwestern Greece. In the ritual (仪式), actresses as ancient Greek priestesses (女祭司) used a to light the flame. The flame then was carried to the site of public ceremony and handed to the first , Greek taekwondo athlete Alexandros Nikolaidis. He carried the flame to the of the modern Olympic Games.

Athens was named 神话). It is also one of the world's oldest cities with a history of arts, learning and philosophy in ancient times and is widely (摇篮) of Western civilization.

The heritage of history is in the city, represented by a number of ancient monuments and works of art. The Acropolis (卫城) is the city's key It overlooks the city and dominates the skyline (天际). The main temple of the goddess Athena, the Acropolis, was Parthenon (帕台农神庙). And the National Archaeological Museum, the 古器物) of almost every culture, which flourished (繁荣) in the Mediterranean (地中海).

36. A. host B. traveled C. ancient D. oldest

37. A. made B. got C. came D. became

38. A. where B. when C. as D. that

39. A. carried B. gave C. handed D. passed

40. A. fired B. lit C. burned D. started

41. A. worn B. acted C. performed D. dressed

42. A. mirror B. reflection C. cup D. pan

43. A. priestesses B. founder C. runner D. player

44. A. foot B. top C. front D. back

45. A. founder B. inventor C. discoverer D. finder

46. A. by B. after C. on

47. A. dating B. spanning C. crossing

48. A. center B. city C. cradle

49. A. regarded B. mentioned C. referred

50. A. yet B. however C. therefore

51. A. attraction B. scene C. entrance

52. A. complete B. whole C. full

53. A. set B. lay C. built

54. A. most B. more C. least

55. A. gathering B. storage C. jewel


A D. in D. covering D. site D. considered D. still D. platform D. total D. laid D. less D. collection

A man walks into a doctor's office. He has a cucumber (黄瓜) up his nose, a carrot in his left ear and a banana in his right ear.

This is a popular joke among British schoolchildren. It shows Britain's famous dry and satirical (讽刺的) way of seeing the funny side of life. People say this unique sense of humor is one of Britain's national characteristics.

The British sense of humor is different from other countries because it is often more negative. When it comes to making the British laugh, there is nothing that works better than a socially inappropriate (不恰当的) joke. It reflects the culture where mocking (嘲弄) is part of everyday life.

While most Britons don't take these jokes too seriously, foreigners often don't understand them. A recent survey found that most foreigners who visited Britain think the British are

Are the British just not as funny as they think they are? Leo McKinstry, a British journalist, thinks the British are funny.

56. What does the doctor actually mean by the remark “You're not eating properly”?

A. What you have had is the cause of these problems.

B. You are not having the right food.

C. You don't eat the way people usually do.

D. You eat with the wrong cutlery. ( 餐具 )

57. The word

A. without water or liquid inside

B. special and popular among school children

C. dull and meaningless

D. funny and clever while seeming to be serious

58. Why do most visitors, who once visited Britain, think that the British are unfriendly?

A. Because the British always take things seriously.

B. Because the British have no sense of humor.

C. Because the British are cold and difficult to get along with.

D. Because the British have a different sense of humor.

59. Which of the following are NOT the characteristics of British humor?

A. dry and satirical B. negative and mocking

C. encouraging and gentle D. clever and witty


◆ Share Flats Happy Valley big flat, 1 room ready for use immediately. Quiet and convenient, fully furnished, park view. $6, 800 including bills with maid. Female nonsmoker. No pet. Sara 25720836 or 10077809.

◆ Moving Sale 2 armchairs, red/brown at $400 each; coffee table, black, wood, $800; oil painting, big, $900; Tianjin carpet, green 3×7, $600; double bed, $500; mirror, big, square, $500; fridge, big, double-door, $1000; old pictures, $140, up, each; plants, big and small. Tel: Weekend, 2521-6011/Weekday, 2524-5867.

◆ Part-time Laboratory Assistant Wanted Required by busy electronics(电子) company to help with development of computer. Should have an electronics degree and some practical experience of working in an electronics laboratory. Hours 9:30 a.m.—1:00 p.m. Mon.—Fri. Fourteen days paid leave. Salary ¥6598-10230 dependent on experience. Letter of application to: Mrs. G Chan, NOVA ELECTRONICS, 45 Gordon Rd, Hung Hom Kowloon.

60. The one who put on the first ad probably wants to _______.

A. rent(租) a beautiful flat of her own in Happy Valley

B. find another lady to share the cost to rent a flat

C. share her room in a flat with whoever has no pet

D. take on a maid to look after herself and the flat

61. According to the ads, you may _______.

A. buy an old picture for $150 B. call at 25720836 and see a beautiful park

C. buy two armchairs for $ 400 D. hire a maid by paying $6 800

62. If you want to buy some old furniture, you should_______.

A. get in touch with NOVA ELECTRONICS

B. call at 2524-5867 any day except Monday

C. do it before you move to another place

D. call at either 2524-5867 on Monday or 2521-6011 on Saturday

63. Once you can get a part-time job in NOVA ELECTRONICS, _______.

A. you have to work at least 4 hours a day

B. you should write a letter to Mrs. G Chan

C. you will be given 14 days off each year besides weekends

D. you will get no more than $6 598 each month


Beijing to Hold Olympic Cultural Activities

Beijing Olympic organizers say the city will hold a variety of Olympic cultural activities between June and September. This is an attempt to provide an opportunity for both domestic and overseas tourists to experience the combination of Olympic and Chinese cultures.

The officials released schedule of the activities at a coordination meeting Thursday.

Zhao Dongming is with the Beijing Olympic organizing Committee. He said cultural activities are an important part of the sporting event.

“The Olympic Games is a big international stage. It provides a broad platform to showcase the diversified cultures in China and across the world through various cultural activities. It promotes understanding of China and Beijing.”

Officials say the Olympic Cultural Square Program will be the core part of the city Olympic cultural activities. Over 100 squares in Beijing will be used as platforms for cultural shows and activities in the summer.

Other cities, including Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tianjin will also have a variety of cultural activities in the run up to the Olympic Games.

64. What is the main idea of this passage?

A. 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.

B. It shows us the importance of holding Olympic Games in China.

C. Chinese people hold Cultural Activities in honor of Olympic Games.

D. Chinese government tries to improve the transportation in the run up to the Olympic


65. Which city will not have a variety of cultural activities in the run up to the Olympic Games?

A. Chongqing B. Beijing C. Tianjing D. Hong Kong

66. What is the cultural magnificence of holding 2008 Olympic Games?

A. It can help Chinese to make a lot of money.

B. It will provide a broad platform to showcase the highly-developing economy in China and

across the world.

C. This is an attempt to provide an opportunity for both domestic and overseas tourists to

experience the combination of Olympic and Chinese tourism.

D. It will let people all over the word have a chance to experience Chinese various cultures.


FOR Chinese students the end of their senior year is filled with studying and stress as they prepare for the college entrance exams in June. But for American high school seniors the experience couldn't be more different. The end of senior year is a celebration of their time in high school and involves parties, games and fun.

Senioritis is a commonly used expression. It means seniors have a disease which makes them unable to do work. This starts in April when seniors find out where they have been accepted to university.

Unwilling to do school work, seniors have plenty of other activities to focus on.

Many schools have a “Senior Show”, in which only seniors are allowed to perform. Some seniors sing or dance but many of them perform skits (滑稽短剧), where they make fun of their favorite teachers or their friends. For example, a group of boys may dress up and imitate a group of their girl friends. It is all very light-hearted.

The “Senior Show” is usually a part of Senior Week, which is a week specifically dedicated (专用的) to seniors. During this week, seniors usually get academic or athletic awards they have won over their high school careers. The seniors also vote for one of their male and female classmates who they believe is the best-looking or funniest or most involved, etc. These are then published in the yearbook.

The yearbook is an important part of high school for seniors. It is usually dedicated to them and has all their pictures and a quote from them in it. Then seniors go around and get it signed by their friends so they can always remember their time together.

Of course during all of this time, seniors are preparing for the Senior Prom, which is an important moment in American culture. It is the most important dance in a young American's life. The end of senior year is a truly special and wonderful time for American students. It's something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

67. Many American high school seniors will do all of the following EXCEPT________.

A. prepare for the college entrance exam

B. perform in the “Senior Show”

C. go around and get their yearbook signed

D. prepare for the Senior Prom

68. American high school seniors suffer from

A. it is a common disease

B. they have already been accepted to university

C. they value friendship more than school work

D. they are too lazy to do school work

69. All of the following can be found in the yearbook EXCEPT ________.

A. the name of the best-looking female student

B. the picture and quote from each senior

C. the name of school they will enter

D. some of their friends' signatures

70. Which of the following words can best describe the end of senior year for American students?

A. busy B. stressful C. funny D. wonderful


第四部分 任务型阅读(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

请认真阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:每空1个单词。

Third-generation mobile phones, known as 3G, are the next big step for the telecom industry.

Data speed in 3G networks is much quicker than that in present technology. This means users can have high-speed Internet access and enjoy video and CD-quality music on their phones.

“Mobile data is not a dream; it’s not an option but a requirement,” said Len Lauer, head of a US communications company, Sprint PCS, at a 3G conference in Bangkok earlier this month.

With 3G, you can forget about text messages telling you yesterday’s news; a 3G phone can receive video news programs, updated four times a day. Internet access will also be much quicker, making it easier to surf the Web on your phone than on your computer at home.

Face-to-face video calls

Don’t worry about getting lost. 3G phones offer map services so you can find a new restaurant just by pressing a few keys on your handset.

However, the most impressive part of 3G technology is video calling. With live two-way video communication, you can have face-to-face talks with friends and family on your mobile phone.

Many European countries have already launched the service. In May 2000 the US Government issued five license to run 3G wireless services, while the first 3G phones arrived in Italy in March this year.

International telecom companies can’t wait to sell 3G in China, the world’s largest mobile telecommunications market. But they will have to be patient. At the moment, China is involved in testing its 3G-based technologies, networks and services. This will be followed by a trial period before the phones can finally hit the shops.

“We need to create a pool of 3G customers before the large-scale commercial launch of the service,” said Fan Yunjun, marketing manager for Beijing Mobile. “We expect that the 3G licenses


1. We were reading in the classroom when the door closed with a bang. We were f_____ with fear.

2. He always likes to ask some c________ questions. We all often feel puzzled.

3. Due to the d_______________ of plants, we suffer sandstorm in the north every spring.

4. He has tried several times. U_______________, he failed.

5. ---- This type of cat food sells well in your store.

---- Yes, we have spent millions of pounds p________ it.

6. I haven't found a good job, so I have to work here ______ (暂时).

7. You have to keep these new words in mind to enlarge your ____________(词汇)。

8. What the headmaster said in the speech was ______ (令人信服的) and all of us tended to believe him.

9. The ______________ (历史的) place of interest receives millions of tourists every year.

10. In order to advance the 2008 Olympic Games, these old people have decided to organize a _______ (全国范围的) biking activity.




2.参考词汇:quality n. 素质 division n. 分科 all-round adj. 全面的

3. 短文的开头已给出,不计入词数。

In recent days, a discussion is being carried on about whether we should be grouped as liberal arts or science in grade one.



1—5 CABCB 6—10 BCBAC 11—15 AABCC 16—20 ABBBA



56—59 CDDC 60—63 BADC 64—66 CAD 67—70 ABCD


1. Advantages 2. quicker 3. CD-quality 4. updated 5. Impressive

6. map 7. communication 8. testing 9. trial 10. late 单词拼写

1.frozen 2. confusing 3. destruction 4. Unfortunately 5. promoting

6. temporarily 7. vocabulary 8. persuasive 9. historical 10. nationwide


In recent days, a discussion is being carried on about whether we should be grouped as either someone pursuing liberal arts or science in grade one..

Some of us think that they prefer the division to be made as early as possible so that they can concentrate on either liberal arts or science courses. If so, they can reduce the pressure of study and needn’t work hard on all the nine subjects. At the same time, they can choose the subjects they like best.

But some others have different opinions that they disagree with the division. They think they are limited in their knowledge of liberal arts or science if grouped earlier, which will affect improving their personal quality and mastering all-round knowledge.

In my opinion, (I hope one day the school system will be more flexible so that we’re free to take some courses as we like…..)

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